About DPW

Who is DPW Properties


DPW Properties is a full service real estate acquisition and wealth building company. We are a group of experienced, passionate real estate investors whose goal is to help our clients attain financial freedom by providing sound real estate investment opportunities, support and education.

Our mission is to locate, acquire, renovate, lease and manage cash flow investment properties for our clients while minimizing the risks and costs associated with real estate investing. If you are the type of person who wants to take charge of your financial future then we are the company that will help you achieve your goal.

Why Work with the DPW Team


Successful real estate investors understand the importance of having a good, trustworthy team that understands and helps reach your financial goals. DPW Properties has assembled a dedicated team of real estate professionals from all aspects of the business to help our investors. Our experienced staff includes licensed realtors, licensed and bonded contractors, professional property managers, title companies, insurance agents, CPA’s, financial and investment specialists.

Helping Investors Create Cash Flow Today and Build Wealth for Tomorrow


DPW Properties number one priority is 100% client satisfaction in helping investors reach their financial goals by providing sound real estate opportunities. Whether you are a long term investor looking to build a cash flow rental portfolio or a short term fix-and flip investor DPW Properties is your best resource for all your real estate investment needs. Investors want to put their hard earned money to work in a safe, secure investment but they lack the time to find the right investments on their own. What to do? Call Us