Meet The DPW Team

Giro Katsimbrakis

Founder and Managing Member

Giro started in the real estate business 20 years ago as a leasing agent for a major developer, Kiska Developers, in New York City. He rapidly moved up the company chain to top agent and eventually to Director of Sales. Within 4 months at his post he brought the company out of the red expanding the office to over 20 agents. Although much of his time was devoted to making the company successful Giro was beginning to realize his passion for the investment side of real estate; buying, renovating and selling properties. After 2 years he left the company to follow his passion and started his own commercial and residential real estate company, East River Properties.

In 1995 Giro left the New York market moving west to the new emerging market in Las Vegas. After several years of prosperity in the Vegas market Giro soon set out on his next challenge, the soon to be booming market in Arizona. Again Giro was able to bring his passion for real estate to a new market and success followed. In 2007 Giro turned his attention to the Dallas/Fort Worth market and set up Distressed Property Wholesalers. In the last year Giro was able to add additional markets to our focus. He is currently setting up additional emerging markets around the country.

Giro has worked many markets nationwide in his real estate career buying and selling millions of dollars of real estate and has rehabbed over 400 properties. As one of the founding members of DPW Properties, Giro has set out to share his expertise with other investors helping them to become successful and wealthy real estate investors.


Richard Renteria

Managing Member

For the past 20 years Richard has been involved in real estate in one capacity or another. Over the years he has been involved in project management, loan origination, investor and hands on rehabber. In 2006 Richard followed his dream to flip houses and began investing full time in real estate. His very first flip was a tremendous success not only financially but personally as well.

After completing several successful deals the time was right to look towards a new challenge. Richard became a founding member of DPW Properties in 2007, bringing his great enthusiasm for real estate investing and a desire to help other investors become successful. “My main goal is not only build a real estate portfolio for myself and family but to show others how to create passive income streams that produce financial independence and long term wealth.”

In his spare time Richard enjoys playing, watching and coaching sports. For the past 15 years he has been passionately involved coaching youth sports, teaching kids the importance of sportsmanship and self confidence. “The real estate business is exciting. It has allowed me to meet great people and see a lot of different parts of the country. But nothing is more rewarding then to teach kids how to play the game and watching them excel to the best of their abilities.”


Roman Kushmakov

imagesNational Sales Director

Originally from Russia, Roman immigrated with his parents to New York City in the early 1990’s. While in school pursuing a degree in Pharmaceuticals he helped a friend renovate a property and saw the handsome profit that was made. Roman quickly realized that real estate was his passion and he started to educate himself about the real estate business.

Roman relocated to Arizona where he soon became a licensed Realtor. For the past 8 years Roman has been specializing in residential and commercial investment properties in the Phoenix market. He has bought and sold many investment properties in Arizona and now he brings his expertise to the Dallas/Fort Worth market as a licensed Realtor.

In 2008 DPW Properties was excited to bring Roman on board as an investor relations expert. Roman has a keen eye to locate great deals and providing clients with his knowledge and dedication.



Victor Arbuzow

VicsPicsInvestor Relations Director

In 2010 the DPW team welcomed Victor who brings 30 plus years as an investor, mentor and owner of investment properties in multiple states. He has owned single family, multi family and commercial properties. Victor knows the in’s and out’s of making a high return with good cash flow on solid investment properties! Throughout his career Victor has guided hundreds of investors in successfully creating income producing real estate portfolios that produce high returns.

Victor has vast experience in market research, property management, property analysis and valuation of high growth investment areas. His forte is in helping others to become successful with Real Estate Investing! Victor takes great pride and patience in helping investors understand the investment process.

In addition to English, Victor is fluent in Polish, Spanish and Portuguese.