Thank you DPW for showing me how to get started in real estate. For years I have wanted to learn how to invest in real estate and spent too much money on seminars and “guru’s. Your company showed me how to start building a real estate portfolio and hopefully one day become financially independent. I’m excited that you guys are now working with my cousin to help him get started. Great job guys! C. Parker New York, NY

It is a great pleasure that we write this recommendation of Giro and DPW Properties.  We first met Giro at a local real estate club meeting. He made a very professional presentation to us which clearly spelled out the whole process. The information helped us understand the local market and after taking a trip to St Louis to see the properties first hand we decided to buy 2 properties. We are very happy with our little cash cows that bring us over $1,400 per month. Looking forward to partnering on a commercial property with larger income in the near future. Mr. and Mrs.Burns Carlsbad, CA

I’m a real estate investor that lives in Australia that has bought a few properties in the states. My experience has been hit and miss with the companies I have dealt with. When I first contacted DPW I was really impressed with their communication. Straight away I had a good vibe from them and the information they shared with me was spot on. I had the pleasure of touring their properties in St. Louis and seen the excellent quality of the houses. My biggest concern not being from the states was how to manage my investment. DPW’s property management really made a good impression and in the 5 months since I bought from them things have been as they said they would be. Thank you guys for looking after my investment. P. Nelsey Perth, Australia

Owning rental property has been a goal of mine for a long time. In the past I was hesitant after hearing friends tell me of the troubles they’ve had buying property. After meeting DPW at a seminar and speaking with them many times I finally decided to test the waters. The DPW team has been very helpful in finding me a good deal that is now producing excellent cash flow. I want to thank you all again for being patient with me through the process. H. Kennedy San Jose, CA

Hey DPW, thank you guys again for all the work and information you gave me in helping me buy my first income property. I’m so thrilled to be able to make some money in real estate. Looking forward to buying another property soon. S. Williams Orlando, FL

Just a quick note to thank you guys at DPW for walking my through the entire process of purchasing my first investment property. I was really nervous going into real estate investing and your team definitely made the process easy for me. I’m so happy with my duplex that produces over $800 a month in positive cash flow. Thank you guys again for all your help. M. Russell Santa Monica, CA

At one of my local real estate club meetings I met a gentleman who explained to me how he bought a turnkey property from DPW. Shortly after I contacted them and they were very helpful in explaining to me their process. Within the next 2 months they had a property for me in my price range and with a good cash flow. This was much easier than the hassles I had experienced before trying to buy on my own. I’m looking forward to purchasing another property in the next 6 months to increase my passive income. Thank you DPW. J. Reed Palo Alto, CA