Investor Programs

We know you are interested in investing to better your financial future and take advantage of the lucrative money-making possibilities of the current real estate market. DPW Properties offers several programs available to anyone who desires to build either short term profits or long term wealth through real estate. Our programs provide you with excellent opportunities to make great returns while limiting your risks.

Available Programs:

Low Down Payment:

Many people think that it takes a lot of money to start investing in real estate, but that is simply not true. Our expert team is able to acquire properties at deep discounted prices which we can then offer at below market pricing to our clients. Find out more about our special Low Down Payment Program that will have you owning a income property for as low as $5000!

Joint Ventures:

Interested in investing in real estate but have no time, no money, and no experience? Our Joint Venture Program is the perfect choice for passive real estate investors looking for an excellent opportunity to create that second stream of income. We take care of all the negotiations and hassles associated real estate acquisitions while you sit back and enjoy the cash flow benefits every month!

Foreign Investors:

Real estate in the USA, compared to foreign markets, offers great rent-to value and high net yields. Properties today are selling under market value, it is the perfect opportunity to cash in on in higher net returns. Right now the U.S. has a large pool of renters since the housing crisis making it an excellent opportunity for passive income. Click here for more details.

Private Money Lending:

Whether you are a private money lender or are thinking about becoming a private money partner DPW Properties will assist you in investing in today’s real estate market. Learn more about Private Money Lending in real estate and how you can start earning solid returns with minimal risk.


One of the best ways to utilize your time making money as a real estate investor is to refer other investors and make some quick money. By Referring buyers to DPW Properties you have an excellent opportunity to earn cash. Many investors have a network of potential buyers looking for good deals. We provide the deals, the experience and the team members required to put great deals together.