$5,000 DOWN

DPW Properties has a unique low down payment REO program where investors can purchase a property with as little as $5,000 down. This program is great for investors with good credit and want to leverage their cash. If you’re investor that doesn’t have the time to find deals or don’t have the experience, this program is for you.

Here is how the process works

    • Property is being purchased pre-rehab; renovation will begin after purchase and will be managed by DPW Properties.
    • Prior to purchase buyer will receive a “subject to” appraisal which will determine the After Repaired Value of the property.
    • Buyer will receive a detailed scope of work estimate from our contractor for review.
    • The initial loan to acquire and rehab the property is a hard money loan. Loan term is 4 months with interest ranging from 13-15% payable in monthly interest only payments.
    • During the construction period buyer will be responsible for the following expenses: interest only payments on loan, property insurance, taxes and all utilities on the property; electric, gas and water.

For more information about the program or if you have any questions please fill in the contact form below and one of our investor relations specialist will contact you shortly.

  • Upon completion of the rehab of the property, the buyer will refinance the loan into a conventional bank loan at a lower interest rate. There will be an additional out of pocket expense for the appraisal in order to complete the refinance process.
  • The process will take approximately 4 months to complete construction, tenant placement and refinance of the property.

REO Program Qualification Guidelines

The following are the minimum guidelines for qualifying for our low down program:

  • Credit (“FICO”) score 700 minimum – no collections, foreclosures, bankruptcies.
  • Minimum $40k annual income verified by documentation.
  • Minimum $10k liquid assets per property being purchased.
  • Buyer to have less than 4 financed properties, If the buyer has more than 4 financed properties additional cash reserves will be required totaling 6 Months PITI for each property financed.

For more information about the program or if you have any questions, call to speak with our investor relations expert. 888.379.2885