Joint Venture

DPW Properties joint venture program is designed to help investors maximize investment returns while limiting risks by partnering with DPW Properties experienced team. This program offers investors a great opportunity to partner on properties that produce larger returns such as high end flips and apartment buildings.

Why You Should Do Business with DPW

The DPW team has over 20 years in Real Estate investing, this is what we do every day. Our experience and knowledge allows us to find solid investment properties where the goal is to minimize risk and maximize returns

What We Do

We locate distressed properties in desirable areas with lots of equity. DPW will handle the whole process from property acquisition, renovation and management of the property. Once the property has been completed, depending on the exit strategy, the joint partner will either receive 50% of the net sale or 50% of the monthly cash flow.

What Makes Us Different

We provide 50% equity contribution to each transaction – “we put our money where our mouth is.” We have proven systems that minimize downside risk for our financial partners.

What is the Joint Venture Partner’s Role

DPW is looking for partners that can partially fund the acquisition and renovation of selected properties. We want to work with motivated investors looking to increase their net worth while learning from experienced investors that will allow you to achieve real investment results for your own portfolio.

What is the next step

If you are interested in joining us and have what we are looking for, please fill in your information below and one of our investor relation experts will contact you shortly.

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